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New cases
The site goes international!
New training: Transforming Pain

New cases

A number of new and interesting cases from Samassati practitioners has been added. There is the story of the man with diabetes (type 2), who originally didn't come for the treatment of his diabetes, but has been without its symptoms for a year. Click here to read the story.

Or the story of the man who found the shedding of his arthrosis pain both incredible and joyous. Click here to go there.

You can also read the unlikely story of the man with the short term memory problems by clicking here.

The typical feature of all these new cases is, that the therapists didn't work on the mentioned problems in particular. In the treatments used, Samassati Colorlight was applied to stimulate the overall flow of energy through the entire body-mind system. Through this the body's innate recovery processes regain access to previously closed areas of the body, initiating natural recovery.

New training: Transforming Pain

A new Samassati course is now being born, and you are invited to come be with us in a very creative way of exploring an old and familiar topic: Pain. The course is called "Transforming Pain" and is scheduled for the weekend of June 8-10 in Amsterdam.
The course will be given by Nishant Matthews, the founder of Samassati Colorlight Therapy.

This is, in a few of Nishant's own words, what the course is about:

"It's exciting to discover that the same pain that can be such a burden and leave us feeling so isolated can also be transformed into something that gives us a bigger sense of our resources, a new sense of our humanity, and a deeper connection with other people.
That's what we will be exploring together: the art of transforming pain with Samassati Colorlight Therapy."

More information about this training: click on "Training" followed by "Brief description per training" in the menu on the left side of he screen.

The site goes international!

The Dutch version of has been on the Internet for almost 2 years now. Since March 25th the site is also available in English. At the bottom of the (Dutch) menu you will find the button "English version". Clicking this button will bring you to the English part of our garden of light.
In this way the beauty of Samassati Colorlight Therapy will get closer to an international audience.