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Organic gardening and healthy matrix

(Nishant Matthews)

Sometimes being in nature makes insights about working with people so clear.
A few weeks ago I was visiting friends on an organic farm in the mountains west of Asheville. I was impressed how rich and lush the farm was, but when we came to the monster zucchinis, I couldn't help compare them to the worm eaten zukes growing in the patch behind our house.

"How do you do it?" I asked. "Especially, organically, with no sprays or anything?" The farmer, John, shot me a look I will never forget. "We don't worry about the bugs," he said. "Just make the soil right, and the plants don't attract 'em." Something about that stuck with me. As a bodyworker and therapist, I spend a good deal of my day dealing with the glitches and bugs that come in our bodies and lives. John's statement, "Just make the soil right and the plants don't attract them" made me reflect on ways of working with people that also "make the soil right" so that problems don't stick. What is it with people that creates openings to attract and develop problems? What is our "soil?"

Certainly, a large part of our problems are related to physical imbalances. These can range from poor posture to an improper PH balance in the tissues. Many problems, even emotional and psychological, can clear up as the physical body comes into balance through improved nutrition and postural alignment.

However, as all of us are coming to realize, the body is not just a body. The physical part of us is more than just meat on the hoof. There are many subtle energies running through a body which make it distinctly ours. These energies are our individual, unique qualities--our signatures, so to speak. They form a series of protective envelopes around the body, and these envelopes protect the body when they are healthy and allow in disease and other intruders when they are not. Further, beyond simply protecting us, the energy fields around the body form a matrix which apparently guides the way the physical body forms and heals itself.

Let me give an example. Recently I was trading sessions with a very skillful Rolfer. We were new acquaintances--he didn't know much about me and I didn't know much about him. I lay on the table, and he put his hands on my neck. After a minute, he said, "What happened to you around four?....You got quite a shock."
I had to think hard to even remember. Then it flashed that I had fallen twelve feet in a neighbor's basement and landed face down on a concrete floor. Nothing broke so we all just shrugged it off.
However the Rolfer, Tom, was able to feel this impression still in my body some 42 years later. Since the cells of the body die and are reborn every few years, there was not a single cell in my present body that had taken that fall. Still, the memory of it was etched into my body's "memory bank". This matrix stored my response to the shock and fall for forty years. It kept my body in a certain shape until Tom helped release it.

Strong emotions and deep set thought patterns also are etched into our matrix. Most of us can remember a childhood feeling or two that has stayed with us years and years after we have ceased being children. We also know that the attitudes and decisions we made as little children still affect (and often control) our adult lives. Sometimes in my work with past life regressions, it is easy to see how powerful experiences in other lives have set up the basic patterns in this life.

Usually when we get sick, hurt, or find ourselves in emotional crises, we can usually find a strong component of that situation being a conflict between the memories in our matrix and the realities of our present day living. This is especially so in chronic, or recurring problems which don't just go away. Our present life would be simple if we could just respond as a free adult. However, we are locked in patterns from childhood and beyond.
These conflict are the perfect breeding ground for accidents, disease, emotional distress, and you-name-it. Further, they are often strong enough to defeat even the most skillful therapists and best herbs or medicine. They create situations that don't resolve until something in the matrix resolves.

Fortunately a new, graceful technology is coming along for helping people to clear up some of the more difficult kinks in the matrix.
This new technology is light. Specifically colored light shined on various parts of the body. One of the oldest healing systems in the universe is now coming back in a new form, a system of healing called Samassati Colortherapy. This system is based on shining specific colors on acupuncture points and other energy centers of the body. Often the right color light at the right place releases and re-structures the matrix in a profound, yet gentle way.
To understand this, just reflect on the centuries old observation of the human aura. In all cultures, the aura is seen as a series of colored lights emanating from the physical body. Different colors in the aura mean different experiences are held there.

Now, more recent scientific research in Germany has shown that cells give off light. The DNA in the cells (especially the "junk" DNA) puts off a measurable light. The quantum physicist Frohlich calculated that this light from the DNA is amplified by the cell walls, which contain crystalline structures similar to radio transmitters. Boosted by the cell walls, the light from the DNA turns into very large coherent waves of light that extend far beyond the physical body. Since the DNA is the code that guides our development, we can understand these light waves as the matrix that guide the way we form, grow, think, feel, and function. They are, if you will, our blueprint.
As our main information system is coded in light, it becomes easy to understand that bringing light to the body can be one of the quickest, most direct ways of clearing the matrix. Light from the outside, when applied to the right place and at the right frequency, easily harmonizes the lights we generate.
If we have some dark patterns, and they receive the right colors, then a resonance starts to happen. The clear lights from the outside tone and tune our body lights, and before long the clear light has brought the darker one back into harmony.

Some of the difficulties with the older therapy forms of matrix healing has been that they are painful, difficult, slow, and often like a surgery without anesthetic. The light work is different. It is not really based on a model of psycho-therapy, it is based on a model often described by people who have had near death experiences. In the near death experiences, many people are joined by a "friend" who is full of light. This friend then invites the person to review his/her life from a perspective of light and love. In this atmosphere, people are ready to see anything and everything about their lives, and to feel a deep compassionate understanding for themselves in both their good and bad aspects. They easily let go of what is no longer helpful, and embrace a new, more loving attitude to life.
The color light therapy is much like this. When the dark memories emerge from the matrix, they are welcomed in an atmosphere of light. In this atmosphere of light, it is easy to be loving and understanding to yourself, to get your new directions without blaming yourself for past mistakes.
The light makes it easy. You don't have to do a thing--the higher frequency resonates the lower frequency, and before long a new tune simply emerges. It is that simple.

Let's give a few examples of some recent light work in North Carolina. One story demonstrates healing the physical matrix, and the second shows a deeper healing of the emotional body.
The first is from a massage therapist who works with a waitress with a painful knee. The knee has been hurting for years, and the massage is part of the weekly maintenance routine that allows the waitress to keep her job. One day, just after a course in Samassati Colortherapy, the massage therapist decided to circle the painful knee with blue light. She told us, "After a minute of this, the waitress said, 'Honey, I don't know what you're doing down there, but my knee doesn't hurt anymore.'"

Another story came in a class in Asheville when we were demonstrating with points on the foot which carry memories of past lives. When we put light on one of these points, the client said, "I feel so hot all of a sudden, like I am being burned." His breathing became very intense, and it was clear to all of us that he was recalling a very traumatic past event. We let him breath with this feeling for a minute and kept the light in place. Suddenly, he broke out laughing. His laughter went non-stop for the next 10 minutes. He said, "I can't believe it. I've always had that memory of being burned, but now I I realize I'm still here. They didn't burn me at all. I feel so free."
Pop. The matrix cleared.

For me, the light therapy is a sheer delight for its healing powers; it is one of the closest things to magic that I know. Still, this is not its main attraction. There are many ways to heal people, and all of them have some magic in them. For me, what sets the light work apart is how it reaches the mystic part of me and most of the people who come in contact with it. Without doing anything special, it reminds us of a sacred state, a holiness.
In the beginning, when God decided to create the world, he began with "Let there be light." It was the light that came first, and the light that served as a matrix for the rest of creation.

When we work with light, we have the ability to heal the matrix, to restore the original divine blueprint. We help our tissues, and our selves, remember who we really are. And, as often as not, this layer of healing ripples down into many psychological, emotional, and physical changes. We get back in tune again.
Along with this, the light reminds me of the source out of which it comes. It takes us back to the beginning of creation, and places us on the doorstep of the divine. In this aspect, light is an invitation, a chance to know the most profound state of being as friend and guide.
Follow the light one direction and it takes you into the colors of creation and all the healing potentials of life. Follow light the other direction, back to its origin, and you remember an essence, you resonate with the Source. Words, ideas, concepts of good and bad, healthy and not-healthy all fall away. Often there is an experience of wholeness, a gratefulness just for simply being.

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