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Introduction Samassati Colorlight Therapy

My first contact with light therapy was at one of the basic trainings, given by Nishant Matthews in Amsterdam. To experience the light we (the students) were placed in front of a large red light at the beginning of the training. For me the energy of the red light felt as an enormous benefit, much like stepping into a nice warm bath. And: when we shared our experiences I was astonished, that not everyone felt this way! The reason why became clear later: my physical fatigue meant a shortage of red energy! Other students were less tired and for that reason responded very differently to this shower of red light!

During the training it was explained, that light has been used for centuries to stimulate health and balance. In ancient Egypt and Greece special methods were applied to convert sunlight to colored light with the purpose of treating diseases and disorders, among which tuberculosis (click here to read more about the history of light therapy).

Wow! And I thought light therapy was brand-new!

The spiritual side of light therapy was commented, too (if you click here, you will get more details about the spiritual side). The body contains a natural system of light. This light system contains a field of consciousness, which transfers itself into a physical body during the gestation period in the womb. This consciousness field carries the information and soul experiences of previous lives and is the carrier of the soul intent for the life to come. During our lifetime we will read and write numerous times in this field of consciousness. The information stored is recorded in patterns of colored lights.

This looks a lot like the newest computer technology with glass fiber technology and methods of encoded storage of information! How can this be true? What will science have to say about this?

My wish was honored: the scientific side was another subject of this training.

The past 25 years or so scientists have studied the subject and reached similar findings (see anchoring in science for more details). According to Dr. Popp and other scientists we indeed have an internal system of light. That is generated within the DNA of each of the billions of cells in our body: the DNA in a cell transmits light as a way of communication with other cells. Dr. Popp even managed to record this on video! The quantity of light transmitted by an individual cell is tiny – about what you would see of a candle being held on a mountaintop 5 miles away.

If you ask me you couldn’t see anything at such a distance, but according to these scientists the impact hereof is tremendous: the cells keep each other informed in a process, that has been named bio-communication by Dr. Popp.

The effect of this light is enormous: groups of cells create the electromagnetic consciousness fields surrounding the body. It organizes how the body grows, repairs itself, and regenerates or dies. This inner and external network of light is called the light matrix.

Yes: now I get it! That is of course our aura! That aura photograph of some time ago with all those colors.....

I think I start to understand how it works:

Just imagine you can hear color. Clear colors have a pleasing, melodic sound. Muddy, negative, disturbed colors will have correspondingly unpleasant sounds. In this metaphor, the entire body hears the groaning from a dull brown kidney. It disturbs the harmony of the whole system. Even the mind will be tired, afraid of life's challenges. If the deficient kidney condition persists, other systems work harder to compensate for it. This adds more "noise" to the system with all that strident overwork. What could be an orchestra of energy is a cacophony. In that cacophony, nobody is happy.

And what light therapy can do:

Now imagine that we apply a clearing color to the kidney or kidney meridians. This color has an integrity which is not present in the discordant colors. It "reminds" the cells of their healthy frequencies. Before long, the kidney cells start to vibrate harmoniously, and the color around them changes to something more pleasing. And, as that happens, the rest of the body follows suit. The strident elements relax and fall in tune. The entire orchestra relaxes into playing its healthy song of life!

Our body has a natural desire for balance and health. If it cannot succeed in repairing itself for whatever reason, it only needs a small stimulant to follow that desire.

It not only adds new energy and is not just aimed at relieving the symptoms. This is precisely what color does: it asserts a healthy information pattern to the body. As the cells, organs and hormonal messengers fall in tune with the color, we get the benefits of healthy bio-resonance. The out of tune elements come back in tune, the discordant information fields become healthy again. Samassati Colorlight therapy triggers the body’s own repair processes and through that it stimulates permanent health!

And what light therapy can further encourage in us:

The DNA carries our basic blueprint, the design and instruction of who we are meant to be. It broadcasts this blueprint through a light matrix. When we communicate with our light matrix, listen to its messages and restore its integrity, that has profound psychological effects. Through clearing the light fields we will be invited to remember something basic about who we are. In advanced colorlight therapy we re-align with our core truths, many of which have been forgotten or distorted through the process of growing up. Light reveals something of our intrinsic nature. We can get closer to the person we came here to be.

Beyond what it does to the cells, DNA, organs, meridians, hormones and the like, colorlight hits something inside us which leaves us happier: awake, responsive, content with ourselves. Like good music, or the snow capped Alps, or a starry night, colorlight cuts through the layers of our psyche, and resonates the health at the core. It touches us in ways we are seldom, if ever, touched.

(Nishant Matthews in his book LIGHT - the Master Matrix)

Order this book? Click here.

All energy medicine is based on the same premise: when the natural energies are flowing, then disease either will not enter or will be expelled if necessary. What distinguishes Samassati colorlight therapy as a form of energy medicine is its depth and ease of use. Colorlight gets right down into the DNA level operations of the body. It changes fields which are hard to touch by other therapies. And it is simple and painless!

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