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Introduction European Institute for Light therapy

Since I work with colorlight and have experienced its infinite possibilities, I had the same dream a number of times. The dream is about a mother, who opens the medicine cupboard when she notices the stress in her little son facing tests at school. She takes out a little lightset and an instruction manual and treats him with colorlight for a couple of minutes. The light treatment builds his trust and calms him down. Full of confidence he leaves for school.
Since the first time I had this dream I envision, that in every medicine cupboard room has been cleared out for a little lightset, consisting of 7 Led-lights with the 7 colors of the rainbow and an instruction manual. This booklet contains instructions for simple light treatments for daily diseases and disorders as an alternative for the pills and chemical drugs, we are so used to. A bit of colorlight administered on the right spot activates our innate repair system in the simplest possible way without bringing any chemicals in our body!

Years have gone by since I had this dream for the first time. The little Led-lightset is available in the meantime, as well as the instruction book with the simple colorlight treatments! Click here for ordering information!

It is not the intention to incite people to play for doctor themselves. It is intended to stimulate health and to ease the burden of the overloaded medical care system.

And: the European Institute for Light therapy wants more! We develop new treatments particularly for disorders for which the medical care system hasn’t found a solution yet (who doesn’t know the statement "you just have to learn to live with it”). We test these new treatments and finetune them. After extensive testing we train the Samassati Colorlight therapists to use these new treatments. An example hereof is the treatment of migraine (see cases).

This all fits into the mission of the European Institute for Light Therapy:

to examine and maximize the use of colorlight therapy for health and well-being

We wish to thank Nishant Matthews for his permission to use texts of his beautiful book "Light - the Master Matrix" to enrich the content of this site.
This book comes highly recommended for everyone interested in Samassati Colorlight Therapy. Click here to order this book.

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