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Anchoring in science

As explained in the chapter about the history of light therapy, colorlight has been applied for thousands of years for treatment of diseases and disorders. After a break during the industrial revolution it again found its way in healing in the 20th century. However a lot has changed in the last decades: light therapy is no longer a mystery. A vast field of rational science has emerged, which fully supports the principles of colorlight therapy and is capable of explaining its miraculous results!

Albert Einstein was one of the first scientists, who showed that light, even in small quantities, has a significant influence on solid matter. He proved that light waves (photons) caused a flood of electrons detaching themselves from metal when exposed to a light beam.

After Einstein other researchers observed that light waves cause electrons to detach from an object, which is exposed to light. When an electron absorbs a photon (light wave), the electron jumps into a faster orbit with a higher frequency. It can even escape the grip of the atom.

And the other way around: if electrons release photons they take their old "relaxed" position in a slower orbit with a lower frequency. And all this happens in a split second when a random object comes into a light beam!

In the 80’s it was the German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp, candidate for the Nobel price for his proof that humans are beings of light, who showed that all natural organisms (including human beings!) transmit light at cellular levels. And that all organic life forms absorb and process light. Relatively weak and in color encoded flashes of light, transmitted by the cells, form the basis for all communication between the cells in all living organisms.

This was once more confirmed in the late 80’s by the scientific team of the Russian professor Kaznecheyev: the team proved that the human body contains channels of light, which run parallel to the 12 meridians as known in traditional Chinese medicine. They also showed the existence of points absorbing light exactly on the position of the acupuncture points.
In other words: the meridians form a light transport system, just like glass fiber in modern telecommunication, located in the body. Much like the way in which light is used in glass fiber technology to store information and make it available anywhere in the world without time loss, the meridians form a similar transport and relay system for light in our body.

This was also shown by another research project by Peter Mandel in cooperation with Dr. Helmut Schimmel. With sophisticated diagnostic instruments they showed an energy pulse being sent via the meridians when colored light was administered to the surface of the body on acupuncture points. The energy pulse had a significant influence on organs and endocrine glands far away and deep inside the body. They also noted that each color generates its own pulse with another impact on the body. Red generates a pulse, which stimulates whereas green invites relaxation.

Beside light that originates outside our body and travels through it, light is also produced inside our body. This was already known for ages in the spiritual community, but it has only been proven scientifically just recently. Based on the theoretical models of Dr. Herbert Fröhlich (he calculated that the DNA in cells should deliver a very weak ultra-fine light signal) it was again Dr. Popp, who provided the evidence. Using highly sophisticated cameras, Dr. Popp photographed light emanating from cells. Eventually, Popp's work expanded to video taping groups of living cells. One of his more notable videos depicts two groups of cells, each in their own individual culture mediums, each physically separated from the other by a glass partition. The video clearly shows one group of cells collectively flashing semaphore like messages which in turn brought light responses from the cells across the partition.

Each cell broadcasts messages to its surrounding cells by means of the information encoded in the flashes of light that he regularly transmits. The cells communicate with each other by means of these electromagnetic frequencies. Adding up all these signals they generate an electromagnetic field (aura or light matrix), which is powerful enough to be felt outside the physical body.

More recently Valerie Hunt of the university of California in Los Angeles has developed specific methods to study this electromagnetic field. She measures the light matrix and has shown, that this field shows chaotic fluctuations days before a disorder reveals itself in the old-fashioned way through the body. To put it in other words: before they reveal themselves physically, disorders are present outside the physical body as energetic disturbances in the light matrix and can be treated there (outside the physical body) before they hamper our physical performance!

Each cell in our body rests in a dark atmosphere of ambient fluids. When a cell creates a new cell (mitosis), it emits a bright flash of light. This light announces the new arrival to the rest of our body. Similarly, when cells die, they warn of their departure with another burst of light. Each cell broadcasts its messages, not just in creation and death, but in frequent patterns, like radio transmitters. The cells talk to each other through these electromagnetic frequencies. Together, they generate electromagnetic fields powerful enough to extend far off our body.

These electromagnetic fields not only guide what happens inside our body, it acts like an atmosphere around it, continuously in touch with our environment. Inside the body, our cells continually re-program themselves according to what they perceive is around. When the fields around our body are light, the cells program for light and health. When these fields are muddled, the acute reaction of the cells is to program themselves to fight the stress. If the stress holds on the cells switch to a more permanent chronic reaction: they re-program to survive it!

Although nobody has succeeded to decode the information contained in the flashes of light inside our body, it is clear that there is a meaning. To rephrase it more clearly: all these studies show that light is the language of the body. This language facilitates the exchange of messages between cells, tissues and organs and enables them to function in cooperation and in synchronicity!

Perhaps some day soon we will be able to precisely understand the silent conversations in our bodies…..

We are still on the threshold of fully understanding the complex relationship between light and life, but we can now say, emphatically, that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light”.
(Fritz Albert Popp)

The remarkable characteristics of UV light

In another field of research, William Douglass, MD, writes of his experience as a medical doctor working with ultra-violet light. In his clinic he commonly destroys bacteria and viruses by radiating blood samples with UV light. He says that UV light has distinct germicidal properties, often more potent than any anti- biotic medicine. Dr. Douglass says that the UV light both kills invading viruses, and simultaneously strengthens the host's immune system to prevent any further infections. Equally remarkable, Dr. Douglass says that UV light has the power to neutralize chemical toxins. He gives many examples of the kinds of toxins that light can render harmless, but it is the snake bite poison stories that will stick in your mind the longest. Rattlesnake, copperhead, cobra......When a southerner was brought to his clinic for a potentially fatal rattlesnake bite, Dr. Douglass used UV light to neutralize the poison within minutes!

The importance of healthy food

In the International Institute for Biophysics (IIB) in Kaiserslautern (Germany) a study of the photon emission in food, cultivated in various manners has been done. The outcome of the research is, that the nutritional value is stipulated by the degree in which the food contains light. Among other things they noted, that the use of fertilizer decreases the light and the nutritional value by 20%. They saw similar effects with oil used to prepare food: the more saturated the oil is, the less light it contains and the less it contributes to health. Meanwhile the IIB have developed an instrument, which measures the light (photon emission) in food.

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