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Samassati Colorlight therapy: teamwork

Samassati Colorlight therapy treats people, not from a system of prescribed routines, but rather by responding to color information coming from the client's body. Since the body's first language is color, Samassati therapists know that they can communicate with it directly through color questions and applying colorlight. They ask clients for the colors they perceive and respond accordingly. As these colors change, they continually change with them. This is like having an on-going conversation with the body.

Unlike most therapies this technique creates a unique partnership between client and practitioner. This partnership combines the client's own insight into their body for the "diagnosis" and the practitioners skill in color selection and treatment strategies. The healing process speeds up dramatically in the give and take of this teamwork.

The more the body learns it will be heard and respected, the more it wants to talk. The more it sees itself changing according to the light, the more it wants to bring forward to the light. It takes Samassati Colorlight therapy out of mechanical models of healing, and makes it a tool for empowering clients--and therapists--alike.

In this process people and their bodies become accustomed to being heard and respected. Also, over time, clients learn to trust their perceptions of what is inside. This trust is immensely valuable, both for future body care and as an introduction into the more subtle worlds of psychological and spiritual healing.

The beauty of Samassati Colorlight therapy goes beyond being a painless, effective way to treat myriad disorders. As clients learn to perceive their inner states more clearly, and move in alignment with these directions, a new paradigm arises. In this new paradigm they learn to bring their own consciousness to healing themselves. Disease is no longer some horrible bogeyman that attacks helpless victims. Rather, each dis-ease is an opportunity for increased self-understanding. Every time we notice that something is out of balance, we know we can respond by becoming more alert, more aware, more in touch with ourselves. Like a muscle that gets stronger with usage, our consciousness gets stronger every time we use it to creatively encounter our own dis-ease. In this new paradigm, each problem becomes an invitation to insight, an opportunity for a higher level of integrity.

Knowing that it will be heard, the body is very willing to talk. Knowing that it is going to receive light, it is very happy to receive. A beautiful flow, back and forth, arises between practitioner and client.

(Nishant Matthews in his book LIGHT - the Master Matrix).

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