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Samassati Colorlight courses

The Samassati Colorlight courses of the European Institute for Light Therapy are available in 3 levels:

1. Basic level
2. Practitioner level
3. Expert level.

The courses are aimed at 2 sorts of application of Samassati Colorlight therapy:

1. Professional usage: by therapists who intend to apply colorlight in their practice facility to treat their clients
2. Domestic usage: by individuals applying colorlight for family and friends in a non professional setting.

The Samassati Colorlight courses are both workshops and trainings. The training part teaches the skills to apply colorlight to the body/mind system. It opens the door into the potential of using colorlight to remember the space beyond mind and beyond time. In the workshop part student are invited to experience colorlight themselves, to discover the colors of their inner world, and to understand how they are reflected in their daily lives, their thoughts, relationships, work and choices.

Special Event: presentation Samassati Colorlight Therapy

On Friday, September 6, 2013 at 4 pm Jan van der Est will give a presentation of Samassati Colorlight Therapy.
Topics covered:
  • how light works on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels
  • the role of photons in our day-to-day being
  • what causes an individual cell to fall into imbalance and how light can help to rebalance this
  • a demonstration with a volunteer from the audience

  • Duration: 1.5 hrs
    Where: Tampa University Sykes Chapel
    Price: free
    Date: Friday September 6, 2013 4 pm

    For questions contact
    Sharon Joy at 727.550.9660 or or
    Maria Antonieta at 813.334.7424 or

    Basic course Samassati Colorlight Therapy

    Besides a great number of basic treatments the following topics are covered:

  • how light works in and for us
  • how colorlight interacts with chronic and acute conditions
  • how colorlight influences our energy system (aura - chakras - meridians)
  • the energy and wisdom of the spectral colors
  • yin colors and yang colors
  • complementary colors and patterns
  • yin-yang and left-right in our body
  • combining colorlight and intention: the healer’s touch.

  • Three main areas of treatment are handled during basic training: balance, energy and health.

    In the Balance part treatments are explained and practiced, which stimulate our inner balance. Treating the endocrine system, which regulates our inner balance by means of hormones, is one of the topics.

    The Energy part teaches both simple and more composed treatments aimed to bring our energy at the desired levels. To recharge our batteries after a day of hard work, to clear the mist in our heads, to take away morning tiredness, or rejuvenate after surgery or a period of stress or disease.

    In the Health part treatments to detoxify the body, to remove waste products, to support the immune and lymphatic system are covered.

    The treatments taught in the basic training are relatively simple, but very powerful and effective. They are extensively described and illustrated in the manual handed out during the training.

    The basic course is intended for both therapists and private users and covers 5 days (Monday to Friday).
    On completion of the training students will receive a certificate.
    Duration: 5 days
    Where: Tampa Bay Florida
    Price: $500
    Date: 9-13 September 2013 (Monday to Friday)

    For reservation or questions contact
    Sharon Joy at 727.550.9660 or or
    Maria Antonieta at 813.334.7424 or

    Practitioner course

    The basic course teaches the use of the 7 basic colors to heal the physical body and clear psychological difficulties in our personality. As this work progresses opportunities develop to open into new dimensions of being: the universal qualities of soul and spirit. In this way we can balance the "work" of clearing difficulties with the "dance" of remembering our spiritual nature!
    These qualities do not need healing or repair: they simply need to be called like Aladdin summoning the "Genie" from his lamp. As the soul and spirit are remembered, we lose our sense of individual separation and enter dimensions of timeless universality.

    The Samassati Colorlight Practitioner course teaches to invite these qualities and to open our inner doors to the vast resources of wisdom, wholeness and the depth of our being. Sessions moving mind and body toxins can shift dimensions with subtle, fragrant reminders of the vast matrix of light and harmony out of which we come.

    Four main areas are taught during the Practitioner course: Soul Spirit, Zones, Chakras and Meridians. The exquisite way in which the Samassati approach combines colorlight and intention is an integral part of each one of the Samassati courses.

    The Samassati Colorlight Practitioner courses are intended for therapists and open for private users. The courses are offered in trunks of 5 days (Monday to Friday).

    Soul Spirit & Zones

    As we mature as individuals we become naturally attracted to the deeper issues in others and ourselves. We simply want to be ourselves, and as therapists help others to find the same. We realize that our life is short and the connections we have with our inner self are precious. We want to quit fighting with our feelings and find a way to recognize and live from a more secure place of wholeness, a place that genuinely reflects our truth. To do this we must learn to relate to our feelings in a way that brings understanding and acceptance.

    The Zones part teaches the Samassati way of moving into feelings and moving through them. It gives us the experience of being at home with feelings, an exquisite sense of discovering the integrity within ourselves.

    The Soul Spirit colors are a set of high frequency colors designed to resonate soul and spirit. They carry powerful healing potentials based on their ability to evoke pure states of being. They carry the secret of ecstasy: the freedom we feel when we get rid of limiting beliefs and depressing attitudes.

    In the Soul Spirit & Zones course you will learn to:

  • work with the Soul Spirit colors and the way they invite movement in patterns and attitudes, that prevent us to be in contact with our deepest core
  • identify and treat zones of emotions for addressing fear, anger, greed, and other patterns
  • Melt emotional boundaries.

  • In addition to learning the specific treatments, you will also develop your ability to deal with the deeper emotions in a creative, heartful way. The life skills you will learn include:

  • how to identify and embrace emotions
  • ways to detoxify negative emotion with colorlight
  • allowing insight into the source of the emotion
  • ways to maintain emotional balance in daily life.

  • Meridians & Chakras

    One of the main pathways for colorlight into the body is via the acupuncture points and meridians as described in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and through the chakras as outlined in Ayurvedic Medicine (AM).

    A great part of the gracefulness of both TCM and AM is that they view the body as an energetic whole. Thousands of years of practical experience have outlined both methodologies that link the various organs and systems into a simple functional system.

    This course harvests on this vast experience in working with colorlight on the meridians and chakras as entries into our inner core.

    The Meridians part contains following items:

  • the alarm and acute points of the organs
  • the flow of the meridians through the body and their cutaneous areas
  • a brief introduction into the psychology of the meridians
  • the body seen as a holistic energy system.

  • And following treatments:

  • improving the quality of organs through colorlight on acupoints
  • improving the flow of energy in meridians.

  • In the Chakras part the way in which our subtle bodies receive and distribute light is explained. Chakras bring in energy from the vast sea of energy surrounding us, transform it into energy usable to our systems, and distribute this energy by their spinning action. When these power transformers falter, then the organs and psychological systems that go with them suffer. Unbalanced chakras disorganize the body, and in this disorganized state disease easily takes hold.

    Topics covered in the Chakras part:

  • the 7 main chakras and their meaning
  • our primary energy channel (SUSHUMNA)
  • the 2 main nadis: IDA and PINGALA
  • testing the quality of chakras
  • applying colorlight on the chakras.

  • Duration: 5 days
    Where: Tampa Bay Florida
    Date: 2-6 September 2013 (Monday to Friday)

    For reservation or questions contact
    Sharon Joy at 727.550.9660 or or
    Maria Antonieta at 813.334.7424 or

    Expert courses

    Clearing Karmic Traces

    Many people carry karmic history into their birth. These karmic traces are old attitudes that were formed in times of great emotional/psychological stress. They are very deeply programmed into the soul’s memory and serve as guidelines and warning mechanisms to protect us in the future.

    While they work well as protection systems, they also keep bringing us back to the past as a reference for living our present lives. We aren’t really free to live according to our present consciousness when we are unconsciously in the reactive patterns of our karmic history.
    As a result, we keep bumping up against things in our present life where our karmic history will interpret danger. Without knowing how or why we are in danger, we will react to the present situation from an old memory, and in that reaction create the fearful situation that we have been trying to avoid.

    Samassati Colortherapy can effectively uncover and clear these karmic traces. It can be an invaluable tool for dropping the limitations of the past and discovering the fullness of our present.

    In this course we will explore the karmic traces that show up as early childhood issues. Using a system of points on the foot and head, we will bring light to these old attitudes. In that light, old choices can be released and new possibilities can open.

    Duration: 2 days
    Where: Holland
    Price: € 300 (incl. VAT and lunch)
    Date: not scheduled
    Click here to let us know you are interested to follow this training.


    Color light is a traditional healing tool that can be used in many ways. In the Samassati work, we teach how color light can communicate with the body, with the cells, with the meridians, and with the chakras.
    In the Samassati Grace course you will learn another dimension of color therapy--how color light can activate the deeper fields of love-intelligence that are in each of us. These deeper fields hold many of the most precious resources we have. In them you find the true confidence and strength of your heart. You discover a deep, firm, real sense of self that is as steady as the sun in the sky. You find your connection between the smaller, personal self and the big, impersonal Space in which we all live.
    When Samassati Colortherapy takes people into these fields of love-intelligence, you find the resources within for dealing with the challenges of living in daily life. You learn to have your feet firmly planted in the ground of your own goodness, and to be able to radiate that goodness out to others.

    The course includes:

  • Understanding Color as expression of Love-intelligence and an understanding of the specific meaning of the colors
  • A series of color treatments for opening the field of love-intelligence
  • Counseling skills for linking external color light with the internal light fields within a person
  • Body oriented techniques for grounding the light in the body
  • Demonstrations of the techniques
  • Hands on practice exchanges—a chance to give and receive the light treatments.

  • Duration: 3 days
    Where: Holland
    Price: € 450 (incl. VAT and lunch)
    Date: Not scheduled
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    Transforming Pain

    Transforming pain is an art. One of the least well known and one of the most valuable that we can learn. While there are many strategies to suppress pain, there are few ways to transform pain and gather its benefits.
    Colorlight carries with it the ability to creatively meet, and transform, pain. When coupled with our intention fields, colorlight can neutralize the poisons around the pain and soothe the fear that comes with it. As the borders around pain soften, light can partner with us in the meeting of the pain and the reunion with the parts of us that are in the pain. Often the felt sense of pain radically changes, and, as it does, we discover our ability to feel it and hear it in a fresh and creative way.

    Most of us have learned to handle pain as children do. We contract, try not to feel it, separate from it, split off, and do anything possible to see that it doesn’t come back again. We create a system of buffers around the pain, so that it doesn’t bother us so much.
    While in the short term this works well enough, over the long term the child strategies are expensive. Unfelt pain seldom really resolves. It hides away inside and comes out in whatever channels it can, sometimes even through other family members. It takes a lot of effort and energy to keep suppressing pain, and that effort robs us of peace and ease within ourselves. We also lose valuable energy in the fight against pain.
    Even deeper, we find that as we separate from our pain, we also end up separate from ourselves and from others. In avoiding and denying pain, we create barriers where we lose close intimate contact within ourselves and with the people we care about. Pain turns into a burden, something that isolates us and makes us struggle.

    Transforming Pain uses Samassati Colorlight Therapy to invite a new relationship to pain. With colorlight, we can realize how pain is a catalyst that calls out many creative resources inside ourselves. We learn how to go beyond the child model of pain control into a new world of pain transformation. In doing so, we discover a deeper sense of our own humanity…our connections with other people… and the Fearless Land of consciousness which is beyond Pain. As we do so, we open the possibility of learning from the pain, by hearing its message and feeling its true qualities. We discover the richness of our being as it transforms the burden of pain into an opportunity for Re-Sourcing.

    Course subjects:

  • understanding the Pain response
  • treating physical Pain
  • treating Emotional Pain
  • treating Existential Pain
  • recovering Harmony and Integrating Pain
  • discovering the Fearless Land beyond Pain.

  • Duration: 3 days
    Where: Holland
    Price: € 450 (incl. VAT and lunch)
    Date: not scheduled
    Reservation code: ET-1
    Click here to let us know you are interested to follow this training.

    Migraine and CFS

    The successful treatments of migraine and fatigue disorders (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and ME) with colorlight therapy are explained, practiced and demonstrated in one weekend.

    Duration: 2 days
    Where: Holland
    Price: € 300 (ex VAT, lunch included)
    Date: to be determined (Saturday and Sunday)
    Reservation code: ET-20
    Click here to let us know you are interested to follow this training.

    Color on kids

    The use of colorlight for treatment of children has been set up in a special weekend training. Although applying colorlight as such is already very special, using it on children adds an extra dimension. Kids are more open to it and easily connect to it. Even a little bit of light can have tremendous results!

    Topics covered:

  • treating sleeping disorders and their probable causes
  • treating concentration problems and causes (e.g. over stimulation, emotional overload, hyper activity)
  • applying colorlight to treat learning problems
  • treating common disorders (a.o. fever, cold, diarrhea, belly cramps).

  • Duration: 2 days
    Where: Holland
    Price: € 300 (ex VAT, lunch included)
    Date: to be determined (Saturday and Sunday)
    Reservation code: ET-21
    Click here to let us know you are interested to follow this training.

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