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The cases listed below are related to clients treated by one of the Samassati Colorlight Therapists. For privacy reasons the names of the clients have been changed.

Fibromyalgia (FMS)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
Short term memory problems
Type 2 Diabetes

Fibromyalgia (FMS)

Petra, a 45-year old woman, was finally diagnosed as suffering from Fibromyalgia by a rheumatologist. It took her a long time before this happened. She underwent a diagnostic elimination process taking a number of years before Fibromyalgia was the final verdict. She was also told that she had to learn to live with it, since no cure or medicine to deal with this syndrome existed.
Her symptoms:

  • devastating fatigue
  • continuous pain in muscles and joints
  • pain in the neck
  • susceptibility to flu and common cold
  • very irregular sleep with long interruptions
  • waking up hyperventilating on a regular basis
  • waking up tooth grinding every now and again
  • moodiness.

  • In the first session with Samassati Colorlight Therapy her body was very eager to receive light. It created major movements in stuck energy and brought anger and fear to the surface.
    The result hereof was unbelievable for Petra: she was able to sleep longer and better directly after the first session. During deep sleep stages the body's process to regenerate the body takes place. For Petra it meant that her body started to recover from the intense fatigue.
    In the second treatment (a week later) Samassati Colorlight was applied to support the regeneration process. The toxins stored in the body tissues were stimulated to leave the body.
    In the third treatment (another week later) Petra's immune system was supported and activated.
    In the fourth and the fifth treatment (2 weeks and 3 weeks later) Petra's body was supported with Colorlight based on the actual needs that her body showed.
    In the whole cycle of treatments the fatigue just left her body. Petra started sleeping through the night and dreaming a lot (a sign of emotional processing).
    In the fifth and last treatment the whole course of treatments was evaluated. Petra indicated that she felt great after many years of debilitating fatigue. The pain in her muscles, joints and neck had completely gone away.
    Much to our surprise she also told us, that her appetite had been reduced to normal proportions and that she lost a couple of kilos in the previous weeks.

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

    Gerda is almost 40 years old and had been troubled by CFS for 20 months. She also suffered from asthma and used to run 10 kilometers twice a week to deal with the asthma. The pain and fatigue in her legs had forced Gerda to give up on running and her asthma got worse in consequence.
    Further symptoms: general feeling of fatigue and stiffness, pain in neck, arms and wrists, some pain in the legs, irregular sleep (she slept from 11 PM to 1AM and after 5 AM). Gerda used medication to suppress the pain and the fatigue.
    The first treatment with Samassati Colorlight clearly showed that Gerda's body needed to get used to light. The colorlight brought some opening in an old pattern, resulting in an improved flow of energy in her belly area.
    In the second session Gerda indicated that there was not much change in her sleeping pattern. She kept detailed notes of her sleeping patterns after the first session. The pain in her legs had decreased to such an extent and she felt so much better that she stopped taking the medication. In the treatment her body was much more receptive to light. The flow of energy in her body got much stronger and pushed out some old issues.
    In the third session Gerda stepped in without a note: with a triumphant look in her eyes she reported that she slept like a baby. She even had a night of 13 hours of sleep! Her fatigue had decreased and the pain in arms and wrists was getting less, too. She felt like a new person. And after a long time she had resumed running!
    The fourth session was two weeks later. The improved sleeping came to a stop a week earlier. There were private circumstances, which upset Gerda and kept her mind busy. She woke up a couple of nights, but noticed a difference from before: she wasn't awake for many hours, but could resume sleeping quite easily.
    In the last session the private circumstances were still there, but the symptoms of the CFS had resolved. Gerda was running 10 kilometers twice a week again and also picked up other habits of her old life.


    Monique, housewife and mother of three, has been suffering from migraine for more than ten years. She uses medication on doctor's prescription (Beta blockers). Usually the migraine hits her once per month, related to her monthly cycle. A typical migraine attack lasts 2 to 3 days (without medication).
    During the first session Monique showed the typical signs (for her) of an upcoming migraine attack. She started feeling hungry and her neck and shoulders were getting tense. In the hours to come it would normally turn into a migraine attack with pain on the left side of her head.
    Despite the fact that the first session showed a major imbalance in her Liver/Galbladder area, Monique received the Endocrine Balancing treatment.
    2 weeks after the first session Monique came in for her second treatment. The migraine attack that announced itself during the first session came 2 days later than usual. In this session treatment of the imbalance in her Liver/Galbladder was added.
    During the treatment a shift in her energy occurred, creating a strong flow of energy in her belly area.

    The third session followed two weeks later (at the same moment in her monthly cycle as the first session). Monique indicated that the tension build-up in her neck and shoulders was much lower than usual. She had experienced a few days of irregular pain in her belly area after the second session.
    In the fourth session (3 weeks later) Monique reported 1 day of migraine, taking place on a moment that she didn't expect it anymore. She started to hope for a monthly cycle without migraine, but at the end of her cycle it still hit her.
    3 weeks later Monique came in for her fifth session with a big smile: her first cycle without migraine for many years. For her it felt like winning a 10 year battle! She wanted to stop her medication (after consulting her family doctor) as soon as possible. The treatment showed improved balance in her Liver/Galbladder.
    A week before the last session Monique had another cycle without migraine and started cutting back on her medication. At that moment she was 10 weeks wihout migraine.
    Another 6 weeks later Monique informed us by phone she stopped her medication completely and was still migraine free.

    Short term memory problems

    A forty year old man wants his short term memory problems to be treated with Samamssati Colorlight after spending almost a year of treatment with classical medicine. For months in a row he has been unable to properly do his work which consists mainly of trouble shooting. Short term memory problems are not his only symptoms: he is also troubled by lung problems (pneumonia), skin problems (mysterious white spots covering his entire body) and problems with prostate and urinary tract.

    The treating neurologist conducted a test, which showed that only 20% of his short term memory was still available. He could not find a physical cause for the memory problems and advised him to go to a psychologist. The problems with lungs and skin showed no improvement despite the regular use of anti-biotics and other medication.

    The treatment with Samassati Colorlight is not focussed on the symptoms. The objective of the treatment is to improve the overall flow of energy in his body. During the first two treatments it is mainly the lungs that are responding to this treatment with colorlight. During the first treatment the high tone produced during breathing stops and after the second treatment the heavy cough is strongly reduced.
    In the third and fourth treatment the head starts responding to the colorlight. During these treatments the client reports several strong but pleasant reactions in the head. After the third treatment he is capable of doing several rather complex things simultaneously (he had lost this capacity a year earlier). After the fourth treatment the short term memory problems are history! Much to his relief he is back on his old level.
    In the meantime he has fully recovered from the pneumonia and the white spots on his skin are disappearing.


    A man in his mid 50's came to us in January for the treatment of arthrosis. The past couple of weeks he is severely troubled by painful fingers, elbows and shoulders. This has troubled him before, but not to the extent of the last few weeks.

    He visited his family doctor and a specialist, who diagnosed his symptoms as being caused by arthrosis. The cartilage in his joints has decreased and this causes the painful symptoms. The doctor told him that arthrosis is very common at his age and that he just has to learn to live with it.
    This really hit his resistance: after a lifetime of hard work he has finally organised his life so he could spend more time on his hobbies and family. And now (in his own words) “my body quits on me!”.
    He explains that it has troubled him for a number of years, but not as much as the past few weeks. Further questions reveal that the painful symptoms always disappear in the summer period.

    I tell him, that I can't understand the disappearance of his symptoms in summer. If decrease of cartilage was the only cause of the pain, then his symptoms should be as bad in summer as in winter!
    I explain to him that obviously there is another determining factor, causing the decrease of his complaints in summer: light! In summertime days are longer and there is much more sunshine. This sunlight feeds his energy reservoirs and it is this increase in energy that leads to the disappearance of the pain. In winter, when energy levels are low, the body makes priorities for the distribution of energy over the body. The head, chest and belly get priority. If there is enough left, the body will distribute the remaining energy to legs and arms. In this client's case the pain in his fingers, elbows and shoulders is caused by the combination of decrease of cartilage and low energy levels.

    Although the logic in this explanation is very appealing to him, it is the treatment with colorlight that takes away his scepticism. After a few minutes of treatment he feels a reaction in his fingers, hands, elbows and shoulders. At the end of the treatment the pain is strongly reduced.
    After the treatment his disbelief is as big as his enthusiasm, but when he steps in for his second treatment (a week later) he is still very surprised: the pain hasn't returned!

    In the meantime three months have gone by. And although there is still some stiffness in his fingers, the pain hasn't returned. Because he really likes the treatments with Samassati Colorlight, he has chosen to continue weekly treatments. To prevent the return of the complaints, treatments at two to three weekly intervals would be sufficient during the winter months.

    Type 2 Diabetes

    A 61 year old man has problems with walking: his legs just give up on him and the situation gets worse slowly but steadily. He has suffered from diabetes (type 2) for 10 years and uses medication (insulin via pills). His feet are cold and numb and his lower legs show a number of fingerprint sized dark brown spots. Despite regular consults and checks (bloodvalues without medication between 16 and 20) his situation is deteriorating slowly. Client is afraid of loosing his legs and ending up in a wheel chair.

    The treatment with Samassati Colorlight (twice weekly) is aimed to improve the flow of energy throughout his entire body. After two weeks this results in strongly improved flow of energy and blood in both his legs. The dark brown spots on his lower legs turn into light brown and his previously almost transparent feet show tone and color. And most important: his walking improves!
    After a month of treatments client reports that he is troubled by diarrhea. Because he thinks it is caused by bad eating habits, he changes them. This, however, doesn't solve the diarrhea. The complaints remain and it is clear, that it is caused by something else: his pancreas. The treatment with colorlight has activated his pancreas. One of the functions of the pancreas is to moisten the digestion. Diarrhea is a symptom of too much activity in the pancreas. After explaining this to him he decides to decrease the number of daily insulin pills. It pays off immediately: the diarrhea stops.
    The periodic check of his bloodvalues confirm the improvement: despite the decreased insulin intake the blood values are at the required level. We draw the only conclusion possible: the pancreas has started to produce more insulin!
    The months after that we continue the treatment, leading to further decrease of insulin pills. After 4 months the pancreas produces so much insulin itself, that intake of insulin through pills is no longer necessary. Blood values without insulin intake are stable between 6 and 7.

    Needless to say this client's enthusiasm is immense: his original goal of not loosing his legs has been far surpassed! The question if the improvement of the pancreas is permanent without further treatment with Samassati Colorlight remains unanswered for the time being. Client has decided to undergo further treatments in a lower frequency (once per week).

    Meanwhile a year has gone by: the general well-being of this client and with that the quality of his life have improved significantly. The pancreas is still very capable of providing the body with all the insulin it needs.

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